Welcome to Estorie Marketing

People love stories.  Whether a joke, a Dostoevsky novel, the latest movie, or something interesting that just happened to a sister-in-law, we are hardwired to enjoy stories.

Customers are no different—they’re people, after all.  Just like most audiences warm up to a speaker after hearing a story, your customers will be more apt to be loyal to you if you can share your stories.

Stories about your company’s success with outstanding products or services go a long way in establishing credibility with new and potential customers and presenting one’s self (for a solo entrepreneur) as a “warm, likable expert” builds loyalty for existing customers.

Estorie Marketing aids you in gaining and retaining customers by revealing your company’s merit.  Stories aren’t just for Hollywood or New York publishers.  On the contrary, stories add the benefit of humanizing you, your company, or your brand.  And your products or services come off much warmer than with a typical sales pitch.  So, what’s your story?