Southeastern Michigan Business Owner Profile #3

While I haven’t had the need for Rick White and his company’s services, I have had several conversations with him and have observed that he’s a likable guy, full of integrity.  I have also talked with some of his clients; they echo me and additionally vouch for his skill.

If you live in SE Michigan and have an HVAC need, I can’t be more emphatic in shouting Dearborn Heating and Cooling’s Praises.  This piece is based on a conversation we had back in November.

A Brief History

Owning a business or being part of a family business is one of those components of the American Dream.  Ours started in 1944 when our grandfather began his business.  Two short years later, he had expanded enough to open our present location and founded Dearborn Heating and Cooling.

After the Korean conflict, our father joined his dad in the business and in 1965 he assumed the running of the operation.

1999 was when we, Rick and Dave, took over for our father.  So we’ve been a family business for almost 70 years now in the same community.


What We Do

We specialize in repairing and installing boilers (hot water and steam) and air conditioning systems for residential and commercial customers.

There’s nothing we won’t take on—except industrial projects.  Oh, and we’re getting too old to work in crawl spaces, now.


We like to do what it takes to get our customers going, in terms of comfort, then we present options.  So, we’re not going to sell you a new furnace if you only need a part replaced or repaired.  We won’t, however, compromise your safety, either.


Our Approach

Our business is small, with only six current employees, yet this makes us personal.

When someone calls us to solve a problem, our aim is to take care of that customer, not to make money.


We view ourselves more as craftsmen than technicians.

This is evidenced by the trust many of our repeat customers give us.  They will leave a house key for us or a code to a lockbox to enter their home when they are away.

Additionally, we craft our own sheet metal ductwork.  Whereas most companies farm theirs out and it really, really shows.


Many companies have two divisions: sales and installation.  This wastes a customer’s time.  First the salesman comes out and then the installers.  We do the planning on the job.


Loving Our Business

Are you truly concerned with the inner workings of your HVAC system?  Neither are the other 99% of our clients.  We know that even before the excellent work we complete how we treat you and your home is just as, if not, more important.

We strive to look at your problem as part of a system, not simply replacing a failed part.  For instance, one client’s problem was solved by going through the whole house and finding dryer sheets in the registers causing a flow problem.

We do the extra work because, frankly, it’s the right thing to do.


A Couple of Success Stories

In a new subdivision, a homeowner hired us to make him “comfortable.”  So we designed a forced air system in a new two-storey house.  When we were finished, the owner, quite a thorough fellow, took thermometers to each floor—from the basement to the top—and found the temperature difference to be only 1°of difference.  We installed a system that was even one size smaller than most, if not all, of his neighbors—and he ended up with the most comfortable house in the neighborhood.


For another client, we saved money and created a more efficient system for his apartment building—a challenge for any HVAC team.  He saved money in the short term with installation and in the long term with captured energy savings.


We like to think that people appreciate that we strive to repair rather than replace.  This builds trust and in the long run, helps to turn some of our customers into friends.


We want you to know you can count on us.


Dearborn Heating and Cooling can be reached at 313.582.6608 and on the web at