The Man Behind the “Curtain”

ScotScot Martin, founder of Estorie Marketing, has over twenty-five years of writing experience, more if you count all the sentences and paragraphs he had to write from kindergarten through high school.

He (why do I insist on writing in the third person?) has spent more than 15 years teaching students English language arts (among other subjects) from 6th grade to high school seniors.  Some even learned a few things.  So he knows a bit about the power of story to move people to action.

He’s been published in a few publications, including Ann Arbor Family, Stand, Ignatian Solidarity NetworkFlourish, The Englewood Review of Books, and Absinthe.  He’s also had a couple of short plays produced.

During his spare time Scot likes to read (something every writer must do), write, shoot photographs and arrows, and hike and camp with his family.  Additionally, he volunteers his time stewarding natural resources throughout Southeast Michigan.  He’d be glad to share his rant-like stories about invasive species with you sometime.

Estorie Marketing featured in the Observer Newspaper!


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