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Well, I haven’t discovered a secret algorithm that creates scintillating copy sure to capture sales for you, but I do have a new contact number.  If you’d like to move to electronic communications 1.2 (a cell phone) then just call me, like Blondie sang, on the line at 734.334.7437. Day or night?  Perhaps, but do…

The Mileage of Gratitude (Your mileage may vary)

How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child.– Shakespeare’s King Lear While I’m not going to focus on the lack (or perhaps the surplus?–Hey!  I’m trying to be generous) of gratitude in today’s children, I do want to point out something that can truly make an impression on your clients….

Southeastern Michigan Business Owner Profile #3

While I haven’t had the need for Rick White and his company’s services, I have had several conversations with him and have observed that he’s a likable guy, full of integrity.  I have also talked with some of his clients; they echo me and additionally vouch for his skill. If you live in SE Michigan…

Southeast Michigan Business Owner Profile #2

The following is from an interview conducted with Jeff Groth, co-owner of MJ Creative Printing, simply the best little print shop with outstanding customer service.  Located in Livonia, they are steadily growing their business which started out in their home basement.   Making Creativity a Business: MJ Creative Printing   MJ Creative Printing in Livonia,…

What do you want from your writer?

This piece asked several marketing directors what they look for in a writer.  Is your criteria the same?  Harder?  Easier?  Take a look here.

I’m a writer, so I should be publishing, right?

Lest you think I’m not writing, I’ve completed a Master’s project, I keep up two other blogs, and I noodle with other forms of writing as well. I submitted a blog post to a company and they published it.  I was surprised because I hadn’t heard anything for some time. Anyway, this blog post is…




Southeast Michigan Business Owner Profile

Note: In between projects I thought I would sharpen my interviewing skills and profile some business owners that I know.  So, this will be an occasional series.  Enjoy.       I’ve known Joni Bradley since I was 15 or 16 when she began dating a good friend of mine.  My friend and Joni married, had two…

Why the hesitation?

Freelancers can fill gaps in your workforce and reduce your workload.  The key is realizing what you want as a client and understanding the value of your freelancer.  Here’s a good, short article about just that. http://www.business2community.com/strategy/advice-virtual-outsourcing-clients-freelancers-0754120#SIFrLry5t3bCfHdt.99

Look familiar?

The 15 most annoying coworkers of all time As a solo professional, I don’t encounter these kinds of people at work, but when I was a teacher there were plenty of them as administrators, colleagues, and even some students. Just think of all the story material these people give you, however.