Southeast Michigan Business Owner Profile

Note: In between projects I thought I would sharpen my interviewing skills and profile some business owners that I know.  So, this will be an occasional series.  Enjoy.       I’ve known Joni Bradley since I was 15 or 16 when she began dating a good friend of mine.  My friend and Joni married, had two

Why the hesitation?

Freelancers can fill gaps in your workforce and reduce your workload.  The key is realizing what you want as a client and understanding the value of your freelancer.  Here’s a good, short article about just that.

Look familiar?

The 15 most annoying coworkers of all time As a solo professional, I don’t encounter these kinds of people at work, but when I was a teacher there were plenty of them as administrators, colleagues, and even some students. Just think of all the story material these people give you, however.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Depending on how you celebrate Christmas, this greeting may be late or right in the middle of a twelve day party.  Regardless, if you are looking to expand your marketing efforts or even start from scratch, Estorie Marketing may be the right partner to help share your story. We’ll be intermittently available from now through

Bargain Information

The internet, as most of us know, can be a cesspool.  Aside from the morally repugnant, there are plenty of sites that waste time and money.  Occasionally, one stumbles across something that is not only valuable, but free. I’ve found a free tool, Connect, that allows one to find contact information–e-mail, phone, company address–for

Worth Quoting

Still, plain talk will not be easily achieved in corporate America.  Too much vanity is on the line.  Managers at every level are prisoners of the notion that a simple style reflects a simple mind.  Actually a simple style is the result of hard work and hard thinking; a muddled style reflects a muddled thinker

Perca flavescens and building a business

This past weekend I went perch fishing on Lake St. Clair with my children and a friend and his children.  In spite of the near constant drizzle, we had fun.  We managed a catch of 44 yellow perch and 3 good-sized large mouth bass. I’ve loved fishing for perch since I was a kid and

Relationships matter

The stereotype of Capitalism is that profit drives all, individuals don’t matter, and loyalty is for the stupid and weak.  As seen by our relatively recent recession, and frankly many economic crises throughout American history, there is truth in that stereotype.  If stereotypes weren’t based on some truth they’d have no traction. As I start

Welcome to Estorie Marketing

People love stories.  Whether a joke, a Dostoevsky novel, the latest movie, or something interesting that just happened to a sister-in-law, we are hardwired to enjoy stories. Customers are no different—they’re people, after all.  Just like most audiences warm up to a speaker after hearing a story, your customers will be more apt to be